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Over the Bay Bridge - Ft: KJ Israel Kamakawiwo'ole
Wonder Woman Theme (Sexist Mad Men Edition) John Bahler
Wannabe The Spice Girls
A 3rd Reading from Tony's Diary Ft: Jason Fuse Jason Fuse
I Will Always Love Luke Whitney Houston
Purse Toting Man (Street Fighting Man) The Rolling Stones
Fat N Old (Hot N Cold) Katy Perry
Sir Luke (Sir Duke) Ft: Steve Lipton Stevie Wonder
Maroon and Black (Men In Black) Ft: Luke & Jason Will Smith
Ur anus (Venus) Bananarama
Guacamole (Macarena) Ft; KJ & Jason Los Del Rio
Hens (Friends) Ft: Jason Fuse Jody Watley & Rakim
Abracadaver (An Ode to Florida Man Friday) Steve Miller Band
Michigan Man (Missionary Man) Ft: KJ Eurythmics
Tony's Obituary (Funeral March) Frederic Chopin
I Don't Want to Wait (Theme from Dawson's Creek) Paula Cole
Orange Nation Army The White Stripes
Pony Pony (Bad Dad) Ft: Jason Fuse Billy Idol
Another Reading from Tony's Diary, Ft: Jason Fuse Jason Fuse
Gio (Rio) Duran Duran
9 and 20 (Ridin' Dirty) Ft: Luke Overbey Chamillionaire
Punchable Face (Poker Face) Lady Gaga
Senator Isiah Lord Thomas (If I Ruled the World, from the musical "Pickwick") Harry Secombe
Crazy Twain of Yinzers (Hazy Shade of Winter) The Bangles
Trump (Kris Kross) Ft. Luke Overbey Kris Kross
A Reading from Tony's Diary Ft. Jason Fuse Jason Fuse
Listeria (Hysteria) Def Leppard
Everybody Burps R.E.M.
Work Is Hard For Luke Russert (She Works Hard For The Money) Donna Summer
Same Old Man's Gripes (Same Auld Lang Syne) Dan Fogelberg
Rachel (Angel) Madonna
Opportunities Medley (Pet Shop Boys) Ft. KJ Pet Shop Boys
Hand Dancing (Come Dancing) The Kinks
Holding out for Agent Zero (Bonnie Tyler) Bonnie Tyler
Steam (A Schvitz Song) Peter Gabriel
The Metro (Berlin) Berlin
How to Hear the Show (How to Save a Life) The Fray
Do You Wanna Have Lunch? (You're the One That I Want) Ft: Jason Fuse Olivia Newton John & John Travolta
Somebody Told Me (You Have a Podcast) [The Killers] The Killers
Mozzarella (Umbrella) Ft: KJ Rihanna
Freaks Twitch Left and Right (Freaks Come out at Night) Ft. Jason Fuse Whodini
Friday (Rebecca Black) Rebecca Black
The "Laser-like Fat Removal System" Song (Rebel Yell) Billy Idol
Meta-Jingle (Ain't Nobody Got Time For That) Sweet Brown
Scott Linn's Newsman Audition (Jack Sparrow, The Lonely Island) Ft: Luke Overbey & Jason Fuse The Lonely Island
Kevin Is Dead to Us (Over My Head) The Fray
Who Am I (Snoop) Snoop Dogg
My Goat Milk (My Milkshake) Ft. KJ Kelis
(This Copy's) Bad Michael Jackson
Working for Sheehan (Looking for Freedom) David Hasselhoff
Junior's On! (Junior's Farm) Paul McCartney and Wings
Shilling in the Name (Rage) Rage Against The Machine
Beatrice (Angie) The Rolling Stones
Common People (Pulp) Pulp
You're Gonna Die Soon! (Sarah Silverman) Sarah Silverman
Putin on the Spritz Taco
Junk (Jump) Van Halen
A Monkey Tries to Drive a Bus (Another One Bites the Dust) Queen
Fight The Power Public Enemy
As The Wu Turns (Speak Softly, Love - from The Godfather) Andy Williams
Mr. Telephone Man New Edition
Happy Birthday, Courtney (Pour Some Sugar on Me) Def Leppard
Buying Cheap Houses (Pink Houses) John Mellencamp
Driver's Education (Adult Education) Hall & Oates
Raju (Song 2) Blur
Nightshift Commodores
Robert Griffin Superstar (Jesus Christ Superstar) Murray Head
Monkey University Fight Song Notre Dame Marching Band
This Is Harrowing (This Is Halloween, from Nightmare Before Christmas) Ft: Judofuse Danny Elfman
Most of Your Lifetime [Is Gone] (Once in a Lifetime) Talking Heads
Hall & Oates, HALL OF FAMERS! - For Liz (You Make My Dreams) Hall and Oates
Aaron Sorkin High (Rocky Mountain High) John Denver
Tell Michael There's A Hurricane (Rock You Like A Hurricane) Scorpions
Dead Man Coaching (Dead Man's Party) Oingo Boingo
Last Friday's Show (Last Friday Night) Katy Perry
Computer Debacle Song (Endless Love/Never Gonna Give You Up) Ft. KJ & Jason Fuse Rick Astley
Eye of the Black Bear Survivor
Window Nation (Rhythm Nation) Janet Jackson
Call Him Boogie (Jungle Boogie) Kool & The Gang
One of the Washington Mystics (Into The Mystic) Van Morrison
In Da Club 50 Cent
Even Now Barry Manilow
Pontoon Boat (The Love Boat) Jack Jones
The ESPYs Acquits (Puttin' on the Ritz) Taco
Super G - Ft. Judofuse (Superfreak) Rick James
Bryce Won't Sign (Boys Don't Cry) The Cure
Let's GO, Lady! (Let's Go Crazy) Prince
Balding Jordan Spieth (Rolling in the Deep) Adele
Bob - A Cliffie Song (God) Tori Amos
Somebody's Notching Trees (Somebody's Watching Me) Rockwell
Blurb Up (Word Up) Cameo
It's Rabies! - featuring Luke Overbey & Judofuse (Hey Ladies) Beastie Boys
The Psychic Song (The Devil Went Down To Georgia) The Charlie Daniels Band
Return of the Satch (Return of the Mack) Mark Morrison
Orange Man (Particle Man) They Might Be Giants
The Time Larry King Almost Died on Air (The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down) The Band
The Middle-Aged Man and the Swordfish (Mr. Brightside) The Killers
The Amount You Like (How to Save a Life) The Fray
(He Loves Answering) Questions [Obsession, by Animotion] Animotion
Count Your Strides (Break My Stride) Matthew Wilder
Shiller (Thriller) Michael Jackson
West End Films (West End Girls) Pet Shop Boys
Phelps (Help) The Beatles
Bread and Taters (Black and Yellow) Wiz Khalifa
Swap A Monkey (Shock The Monkey) Peter Gabriel
Ya Gotta Draft Chance King - Featuring Kjerstin Ohnstad ABBA
(What if Tone Was) One Of Us Joan Osbourne
Chris Cillizza (My Sharona) The Knack
If You Bid At Auction (Do Ya Think I'm Sexy?) Rod Stewart
Choking Dogs (The Stroke) Billy Squier
Take Me To Whole Foods (Eddie Money) Eddie Money
Everything Gets Under His Skin (Sinatra) Frank Sinatra
Anthony (Wonderboy) Tenacious D
Smells Like Last Place (Nirvana) Nirvana
Like A Tootsie Roll (Like A Rolling Stone) Bob Dylan
Phil's Mom (Stacy's Mom) Fountains of Wayne
Purple Line (Purple Rain) ***Did not know Joe Farrell did this one before I posted Prince
Littles Root for (The) American (University) John Derringer (Hulk Hogan entrance music)
Callin' Bull Jive The Bee Gees
They Don't Have Chaputzfuh Billy Joel