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Disclaimer / TK Jingles Live (California Love) feat. Jason Fuse & Robert Berg 2Pac & Tommy Dorsey
Complicated feat. Robert Berg Avril Lavigne
Lose Your Wealth (Lose Yourself) Eminem
Fight for your Right (to Parking) feat. Jason Fuse & Robert Berg Beastie Boys
He Don't Know My Language feat. Joe Aro and Robert Berg Alicia Keys
Another Day at Chad's (La La Land) feat. KJ Ohnstad & Sean Morrissey Jason Hurwitz
For Mike's Mom (Fight Song) feat. KJ Ohnstad Rachel Platten
Threw it on the Ground The Lonely Island
Toy Hall of Fame feat. Jason Fuse The Script
Tony Kornheiser, Man [Hamilton] "Live" Lin-Manuel Miranda
Since You've Been Gone feat. KJ Ohnstad Kelly Clarkson
99 Problems Jay-Z
Sabotage feat. Jason Fuse & Almost Robert Berg Beastie Boys
Carville Roast Battle (Hamilton) Lin-Manuel Miranda
You Don't Know Dwyane feat. KJ Ohnstad Lesley Gore
Straight Outta Scott Linn (Compton) N.W.A.
Tony Kornheiser, Man (Hamilton) ft. Jason, Robert, KJ, & John F. Lin-Manuel Miranda
I Wish (I Was Balder) Skee-Lo
The Jingleprint Jay-Z
I'll Be Missing You, Beatrice feat. KJ Ohnstad Puff Daddy
Your China (People Everyday) feat. Jason Fuse Arrested Development
Christmas in Rockville feat. Robert Berg & Jason Fuse Run DMC
Wooden Story (Love Story) feat. KJ Ohnstad Taylor Swift
I'm Walkin' (The Fitbit Song) feat. Robert Berg Fats Domino
I'm on a Boat feat. Rob [Sam]Berg and J-Pain The Lonely Island
My Name Is Eminem
I'm the Best Around feat. Judofuse Joe Esposito
Intergalactic Howard Fineman (Cover Version) Beastie Boys
The Metro's Purple Line (Gangsta's Paradise) feat. Judofuse Coolio
Gold Bridges (Gold Digger) Kanye West
Deflate feat. Judofuse Warren G & Nate Dogg
Dear Tony (Stan) Eminem
Phil's Mom's Gonna Knock You Out LL Cool J
Chaputzvah (Push It) Salt-N-Pepa
Wild Thing Tone Loc
Tony Got Crackers (Baby Got Back) Sir Mix-A-Lot