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This Metro's On Fire (Girl on Fire) Alicia Keys
B$%&! (Brick) Ben Folds
Ruffalo (New Age Girl) Deadeye Dick
What I got (Them That Got) Ray Charles
I Live in the Suburbs (Rockin' the Suburbs) Ben Folds
Vote for Mr. Sexwale (Do Ya Think I'm Sexy?) Rod Stewart
Beat it (Beat it) Michael Jackson
Tony (Michelle) The Beatles
Droning Eyes (Private Eyes) Hall & Oates
Part of His World (Part of Your World - ft. Lauren) The Little Mermaid
The Kornheiser Can (The Candy Man) Sammy Davis Jr.
Doggie Popped (Lollipop) The Chordettes
The Papelbon Scuffle (Super Bowl Shuffle) Shufflin' Crew
I am Donald the Trump (King of New York) The Newsies
I See the Signs (I Saw the Sign) Ace of Base
Will Tony Work Blue? (Blonde over Blue) Billy Joel
United States of Kornheiser (United States of Eurasia) Muse
All You Ever do is Kvetch (All You Wanna do is Dance) Billy Joel
Stars (blasphemous cover) - OG Judo Fuse Les Miserables
Closer to the Purple Line (Closer to the Borderline) Billy Joel
What's this brouhaha? (Where's the Orchestra?) Billy Joel
TK Jinglers (Opera Singer) Cake
Really Safe Flight - Tony the TSA Agent (Beautiful Night) Paul McCartney and Wings
It's the Kornheiser Mailbag (Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Theme Song) They Might Be Giants
OongaBoogieWoogie The Muppets
The Ballad of Barry the Trotz (Ballad of Billy the Kid) Billy Joel
Tony's Guests are All So Affable (Man Gave Names to All the Animals) - ft. judofuse Bob Dylan
Golden Boys theme song (Golfin' and Grillin' with Friends) Andrew Gold
And Desmond Blows (And So It Goes) Billy Joel
A Room of Our Own Billy Joel
Living, Breathing NBA Commissioner (One Eyed One Horned Flying Purple People Eater) - ft. Colby Neiswinger Sheb Wooley
Mike and Tony (Zak and Sara) Ben Folds
Whatever Tony Wants (Whatever Lola Wants) - ft. Lauren Neiswinger Sarah Vaughan
Old Man Tony K (Bad, Bad Leroy Brown) Jim Croce
Your Song (from the Wagyu cow himself) Elton John
Stranded (Landed) Ben Folds
Old Geezer (Maneater) Hall and Oates
She's Only the Goddess (She's Always a Woman) Billy Joel
A Phone Bill Situation (A Minor Variation) Billy Joel
Trotz! (Flash Gordon theme song) Queen
Ode to Another Season (Souvenir) Billy Joel
James (Carville) Billy Joel
Talk About (Movin' Out) Billy Joel
All for Tony (All for Leyna) Billy Joel