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Jingle/Song Original Artist Actions
Total Eclipse of the Heart (Turn It 'Round!) (Performed by Michelle Negrelli) Bonnie Tyler
Eat It (McManus) Michael Jackson
April Come She Will (performed by Patrick Moffett) Simon & Garfunkel
Kvetching (Crazy - Patsy Cline; vocals by KJ Ohnstad)
Nobody does it Better (Carly Simon), vocals by Joe Aro
It's Too Late (Carole King) - vocals by Michelle Negrelli
In Dreams (Roy Orbison) - vocals by Joe Aro
In his ZipCode (In the Ghetto - Elvis) - vocals by Joe Aro
Wilbon (Lionel Richie "Hello" - vocals by Paddy O'Negrelly)
Vincent (Don McCLean - vocals by Joe Aro)