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I'm Gonna Freeze (900 Miles ...) (...-60) The Proclaimers
I've Been Working My Way Back to Euro (ft. Joe Aro) Frankie Vallie & The Four Seasons
The Leader of the Store (ft. Kjerstin Onstad) The Shangri-Las
Kevin No (Let it Go) Performed by kjerstin Onstad Idina Menzel
Losing Like the Guy Before did (Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds)
After the 6th Game (After the Gold Rush) ft. Brad Weiss Neil Young
The Laziest Newsman on this Network (The Only Living Boy in New York) ft. Brad Weiss Simon & Garfunkel
SkyLodge (A McManus Camping Ballad) ft. Kjerstin Onstad Adele
Why Don't You Do Sports? (Performed by Kjerstin Onstad, Lyrics by Steve Maloney)
Did You Know I Know Magic
The Wilbon Connection (The Rainbow Connection)