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Reggie Reggie Bet Bet Kostal, Hughes & Dahl. (Yes, Roald Dahl)
Boo Hoo Ron Ron Ron [Jaws Walk-up] The Crystals
The Most Interesting Man In The World (feat. Joe Aro) Charlie Rich
Google Bus (Feat. Jason Fuse) The Who
Twenty Blocks For $64 (Twenty-Five Or Six To Four) Feat. John Fitzpatrick & George Michael Chicago
Deflatin' By Himself (Feat. John Fitzpatrick) Billy Idol
Book Me Neil Diamond
The Greatest Scam Of All Whitney Houston
Close The Window (feat. Leigh Nager) Rita Coolidge
Big Rock Cocaine Planet Hank McClintock
The Roosevelt Swing Pappy Nager & The Thousandaires
Fineman walk-up ("I See All Good People") Yes
I'm Terrified By Bears And Raccoons Glenn Miller
Mediocre (Feat. Li'l Stevie Aro) Stevie Wonder
E-Mail Time (Sweet Emotion) Aerosmith
Everybody Has A Broken Heart (feat. Bruce Weiss) Bruce Springsteen
Reach For Walker Blue (The Theme from "Cranky Friends") feat. Joe Aro The Rembrandts
Reno Road Bruce Springsteen
Goodbye, Liz Clarke Sha-Na-Na
Andy (It's a Fine Show) Looking Glass
Seals On The Rocks Neil Diamond
Earth to Junior (Hallelujah) Part IX (ft. Jeff Negrelli) Leonard Cohen
If I wanted to speak Hungarian, I'd be in Hungary The Muppets
Back For Cash Bobby
If I Had A Sirloin (Feat. Kjerstin Ohnstad & John Fitzpatrick) Peter, Paul & Mary
Bald And Uninformed / Riders On The Storm The Doors
Cats In The Cradle (feat. Brad Weiss) Harry Chapin
Bald Orange Head / Big Yellow Taxi (feat. Kjerstin Ohnstad) Jonie Mitchell