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Jingle/Song Original Artist Actions
What'd I Eat? (No goat) Ray Charles
(Carville) Feels Just Like Caitlyn Foreigner
Yom Kippur Breakfast Supertramp
Ballad of an Orange Man (Words and Idea Loren in Williamsburg) Bob Dylan
My Kind of Town (It's Jacksonville!) Frank Sinatra
Far From the Purple Line (Words and Idea Bert Ayers) The Handsome Family
This Orange Man The Smiths
Nel blu dipinto di Jew (Chaputzvah!) -- AKA "Volare" Dean Martin
Lay, Katie, Lay (Words and Idea Roy Matthewson) Bob Dylan
It's Redskin Time (Do They Know It's Christmas?) Band Aid
Tony Buys Sunglasses that Break Corey Hart
Where is the Post? ("Send in the Clowns" idea by Greg Hellman) Steven Sondheim
Bridle Your Optimism (We might go 7-9) Traditional / Dave Van Ronk / Oscar Isaac
That's Ebola (To the tune of "That's Amore" Words by Bill Bill Barto ) Dean Martin
Avocado (to the tune of "In the Ghetto" words by Rich Barajas) Elvis Presley
I got a Toupee! Frank Sinatra / Standard
Springtime for Tony (and Washington!) - Words by Mickey in DC Mel Brooks?
Does that make me Tony? (Gnarls Barkley's °Crazy") Gnarls Barkley
Podcast ("At Last" -- Etta James) Etta James
DC Metropolitan Homesick Blues - Words JW, Idea from Michael Hodson Bob Dylan
Ecco Tony's Mailbag! (Italiano) Gianfranco
These Choking Dogs (Your Cheatin' Heart) Hank Williams, Sr.
We Miss Junior (Hallelujah) Leonard Cohen
Tony's Mailbag in the Wind Bob Dylan