American Pie


A parody of a song by Don McLean.  Recorded by Jerry in Annandale, VA
Recorded: 07/09/2013  Released: 08/12/2013  First aired: 09/03/2013
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About 2 months ago
Mr. Tony signed off from the radio
The weasels all had spoken
The Littles hearts' were broken
And I can't remember if I tried
that Sports Chick show or PTI
I even considered Mike & Mike (!!!)
Oh how, I've missed this show

So here comes Tony's mailbag
Got your e-mails and your faxes and your notes
And he's gonna read some for all o' ya folks
sayin' here comes Mr. Tony's mailbag

A parody of Don McLean, "American Pie"

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Best part of any song I have heard so far is the Mike & Mike line. Bravo Bravo. Gets me every time.
1239 days ago.
Matt Palmer
The "ugh" after Mike & Mike is priceless. Very well done.
1337 days ago.
After hearing this about 13 times,now it's stuck in my mind and i catch myself singing it out loud much to the horror of co-workers,lol.
1372 days ago.
Jerry in Annandale, VA
The version presented here is the 3rd take on this track. There are a few alternate verses that didn't make the cut, ultimately because they drove the run time up by 30+ seconds. I'm happy with how this turned out but I expected the chorus to sound far more "epic" given that it goes from a folksy solo to a chorus of five people singing in unison. To really get the effect I wanted, though, I think it would have required the same 7 minute buildup as Don McLean's original American Pie -- and I assumed there wouldn't be an audience for that on the radio!
1429 days ago.