Brand New Rant (Brand New Key)


A parody of a song by Melanie.  Recorded by joeythejammer in Ellicott City, MD
Recorded: 09/04/2014  Released: 09/04/2014  First aired: unaired
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I rode my tricycle down in Rockville one day
When I saw this old man try to drive through my lane
He yelled 'Hey You, Don't you know who I am?"
I yelled back "Oh yes I do, but I'm not a fan"...
Well, he's got a great big orange bald head, and he thinks he owns the road.
When I tried to show him that he doesn't, his middle finger he showed.
I've been tri-cycling around a while, and I even drive when it snows.
Oh, he's got a great big orange bald head, and he thinks he owns the road.

Ripped from Thursday's latest rant against the bikers....
By Joe Aro/Ellicott City, MD
Parody of "BRAND NEW KEY" by Melanie Safka

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Kj in St. Paul, MN
Very fun, Joe. Nicely done!
1066 days ago.
jarad2112 in Washington, DC
We might have a new time record for the "rant to jingle" event of the TK Olympics. Love it!
1076 days ago.

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