Tony's Island (Mailbag Time)


  Recorded by joeythejammer in Ellicott City, MD
Recorded: 10/25/2013  Released: 10/25/2013  First aired: unaired
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Just sit right back and you'll hear some mail, read by a bald orange man
It started from a studio in Rockville Maryland...
The people all around the globe, they listen to his show
But some will wait, podcast delay's about a week or so...about a week or so....

Nigel's got a stack of notes straight from the google machine
Sheehan says a winter storm might threaten Halloween...could snow be on the scene?

Join us here each day my friends with our rotating cast, starring
Tony K., David Aldridge too
Gary Braun, and Liz Clarke
Jeanne McManus
Wilbon is not surprised!
Yes, it's MAILBAG TIME!!!

By Joe Aro, Ellicott City, MD

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Brady Shannon
I'm throwing this out there. There needs to be a Torie Clarke song set to Mr. Piano man. Something to the affect of "please take my kid Russian piano man"
195 days ago.