Recorded by Mr. Scott Anthony in Los Angeles, CA
Released: 01/25/2017  First aired: 10/25/2016
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Somehow I managed to play, sing and engineer this one all on my own. I spend way more time singing and playing keys and guitar than drums, so it was nice that TK said it had a "Don Henley feel."

No iTunes link, as most of my work has been on other artists' recordings or for theatre and such, but feel free to check out my occasionally-updated website at www.scottanthonysounds.com.


In the lining of your jacket
you've been hiding all the facts that
made me all too inconvenient.
Made me wonder, did you mean it
when you said, "This is real."

There's a letter in your backpack
and it's better I can't take back
all the vows that became futile,
all the bones I broke and bruised
along the way that didn't heal.

Shoeboxes of empty black pens
from each failed attempt to rewrite the end
Used plots we keep trotting out time and again

Each simple thing I do or say
just leaves me one hundred steps further away,
not repairing the holes we keep wearing away

in the lining of your jacket,
all the times we reenact it
with a theme song and a laugh track,
but let's cool it with the flashbacks.
Let's just say what we feel.
"It's ok. That was real."

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dgu464 in Oak Lawn, IL
Scott, thanks for sending this in. Jerry, thanks for adding this section. This is fantastic.
170 days ago.
Jerry in Annandale, VA
The first original song to be featured on the prodcast! If the material is always this good that could easily become a new feature!
206 days ago.
Jerry in Annandale, VA
This is fantastic, Scott!
206 days ago.