Drops of Jupiter (What is Stupider?)


A parody of a song by Train.  Recorded by Kj Ohnstad in Red Wing, MN
Recorded: 04/13/2014  Released: 04/24/2014  First aired: 05/23/2014
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Now as I wait for the late podcast, thoughts of what is stupider in my head.

It's not like a podcast's a brand new thing
Or you can't get sponsors for the radio king, lame, so lame!

It ain't rocket science or hitting baseballs,
Yet I listen in spring about happened in fall, how lame, so lame

Now tell me, is it just because you can?
Or do you think the news is actually better dated,
And that present tense is overrated?

Tony, aren't you sick of this silly rule?
The weasels are some stubborn fools,
at least it supplies good jingle fodder for the mailbag now!

Parody of Train's "Drops of Jupiter"

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Rick in Boulder
This is fantastic. :)
1171 days ago.
Kj in St. Paul, MN
Thanks for the kind words everyone!
1175 days ago.
Don in Ks
Brilliant! My favorite by far.
1177 days ago.
joeythejammer in Ellicott City, MD
Heard LIVE!!!
1180 days ago.
Hampton Nager in Dallas, TX
Smiles all around!
1180 days ago.
Jolene in Grand Island, NE
Boom - played today! Nice work!
1180 days ago.
Kj in St. Paul, MN
Thanks guys! Joe: I'm so sorry I missed you too! We had a blast! Next time!
1205 days ago.
Patrick Moffett in Sacramento, CA
Train may be my Eagles if this were the world of Lebowski, but I think I could change that tune if you just sang all their songs Kj, well done!
1208 days ago.
joeythejammer in Ellicott City, MD
So sorry I missed you IN PERSON! You ROCK!!!!
1208 days ago.
John Fitzpatrick in Arlington, VA
This is just so good! Terrific performance, Kjerstin! And I love the line "and that present tense is overrated?" Bravissima
1209 days ago.