Jinglin' Blues (Feat. Joe Aro)


A parody of a song by Johnny Cash.  A Collaboration by Byron in Philadelphia, PA & joeythejammer in Ellicott City, MD
Recorded: 03/30/2014  Released: 03/31/2014  First aired: unaired
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To the tune of Cocaine Blues by Johnny Cash

Early one mornin' on the DC radio
I turned the dial over heard the TK show
I didn't know what that would do to me
I'm hooked and think I just might lose my sanity

Started writing emails the very next day
Seemed like some fun to pass the time away
But when they don't get read it ain't no fun
Why won't that Nigel let me join the conversation

Now I'm writing jingles nearly all the time
Can't barely sleep cause I'm thinking of lines
My wife keeps saying "won't you come to bed
And get that orange man out of your stupid head"

Said, "Yes, oh yes, dear I'll be up in five"
I'd better do it if I want to stay alive
When she'll lose her patience lord I just don't know
But I'll just keep writing jingles for the TK show

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Kj in St. Paul, MN
Very funny! Awesome job, guys!
1173 days ago.