Weasles (The Beatles-Piggies)


A parody of a song by The Beatles.  Recorded by Patrick Moffett in Sacramento, CA
Recorded: 03/13/2014  Released: 03/13/2014  First aired: unaired
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Have you seen the D.C. Mayor
Reaching out for cash
You can find his little staffers
Holding out their hands
But now they’re in their cells, for being naughty

Have you seen the little weasels
Delaying the podcast
You can find them sniffing Jetties
or each others ass
they cant seem to sell, a worldwide product

We all love the TK yacking
It is time for a new contract
In their minds there is something lacking
Time to send those sniffers packing!

A parody of the Beatles "Piggies"

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Kj in St. Paul, MN
Haahaaaa! Love it!
1194 days ago.
Patrick Moffett in Sacramento, CA
Thanks! Do it anyway Joe, there is no way this is making the air
1199 days ago.
Love it, Patrick! Maybe a little too PG-13 for the radio
1199 days ago.
joeythejammer in Ellicott City, MD
Ohhhhhhhhhh! I had lyrics for this one! NO MORE!! This is great!!!
1199 days ago.