Mighty Wind (Feat. Joe Aro)


A parody of a song by Frank Sinatra.  A Collaboration by Byron in Philadelphia, PA & joeythejammer in Ellicott City, MD
Recorded: 03/07/2014  Released: 03/10/2014  First aired: unaired
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To the tune of ‘Summer Wind’ by Frank Sinatra

His mighty wind, came blowin’ in from across TV
He ranted there, without his hair and yelled at me
Then Mike Wilbon, who’s also on – he yelled and waved his hand
Two pundits and their mighty wind

Tony and Mike, they’re on most nights on PTI
This much is true, Mike always knew, he’s not surprised
And Tony’s an, angry old man who drinks his Walker Blue
But we love you, we love you and your mighty wind

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