Luke Russert (Luka)


A parody of a song by Suzanne Vega.  Recorded by Jerry in Annandale, VA
Recorded: 05/16/2017  Released: 05/16/2017  First aired: unaired
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Inspired by an idea by Tony Beeson

DISCLAIMER: I'd hate for this become a Cillizza situation where Luke thinks I hate him, that is not the case. I just thought this idea was hilarious and the lyrics wrote themselves. :)

My name’s Luke Russert
I live here on third base
I sometimes let Tony talk to guests
but the old man better learn his place
I’ve traveled the world and the seven seas
Is that Kendall Jackson? Honey, please
I would never touch that swill
but I know the unwashed masses will
It’s meant for schlubs worth less than 14 mil.

My name’s Luke Russert
I love the sound of my own voice
I retired from NBC
let’s all pretend that was my choice
My 10 minute monologues are the best
I’ve gotta say even I’m impressed
Now I’m gonna tell you what I think
I’m a millennial so I know all things
Sorry, I gotta run, Matt Harvey wants to go clubbing

A parody of Suzanne Vega, “Luka"

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Your Name
Anita from Alaska
What Luke said. Overbey I mean. Don't want to confuse the Lukes.
70 days ago.
Luke Overbey in Charleston, SC
This is really excellent. So many good lines. My favorite might be "Let's all pretend that was my choice."
82 days ago.
K8 in Williamstown MA
I ?? This!
83 days ago.
Anonymous Little
This is great... and the disclaimer is good cause there's some hilarious shots fired here.
84 days ago.
robert berg in Pittsburgh, PA
85 days ago.
mrlip in Springfield, VA
91 days ago.
Tony B
91 days ago.
That was awesome Jerry you nailed it
91 days ago.

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