Maroon and Black (Men In Black) Ft: Luke & Jason


A parody of a song by Will Smith.  A Collaboration by robert berg in Pittsburgh, PA, Jason Fuse in Los Angeles & Luke Overbey in Charleston, SC
Recorded: 04/07/2017  Released: 04/07/2017  First aired: unaired
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Remember burning 32 million dollars for 6 sacks
then eating Al Haynesworth’s moronic contract?
Front office thought he shoulda done better
Blamed his bulging belly and slovenly style on Archuleta
No one wanted the gig so they picked Jim Zorn
to coach the men in ebony shirts with claret pants on
That went as well as everything else does
At Redskins Park, ask Liz Clarke, “Things here done smart?”
Desean on his annual June Caribbean trip
Then the weekly injured list with hamstring grist
RG3’s all in macking Thanksgiving snacks
Watch your back, get whacked by a madcap autocrat

On the maroon and black
They have no good defenders
Aldridge has a heart attack
When DBs get dismembered

Now, your offense offends and straight chokes near the end zone
A man calling bingo in a convalescent home
Is ready to help rain down passing game manna
And call Spider 2 Y Banana for Santana
Just don’t run too many dives and screens
Or your desk might collect a flotilla of vanilla ice cream
This is an owner thinking outside the box
Who else thought to sell beer near where urine drops
and peddling rancid stale peanuts to the fans
You know Dan, the Andyman, can enhance the brand and
Pinches pennies to set C-notes on fire
Voir dire a free agent’s death rattle "You’re hired!"
They’re peerless in incoherence
Broken spirits, by all appearance-s
Hope that Snyder develops arterial plaque
To have any hope for the Maroon and Black

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