Senator Isiah Lord Thomas (If I Ruled the World, from the musical "Pickwick")


A parody of a song by Harry Secombe.  Recorded by robert berg in Pittsburgh, PA
Recorded: 11/06/2016  Released: 11/06/2016  First aired: unaired
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wrote this about 10 months ago but never recorded it. surely most people will have forgotten this bit about Satch reporting from the NBA all-star game and asking players what they would be doing had they not made it as a pro BB player. but Isiah's answer was so absurd i had to write something about it.

if i never played
basketball, i’d be a senator today
in every district they, would sing me great praise
and leave bouquets at my workplace to honor my name

senator isiah
lord thomas would be known in every state
each voice would speak of how i legislate
it would never abate, citizens would stop to ask of free trade

my world would be a beautiful place
where you could tell a co-worker she had a great ass
in my world, calling a subordinate a bitch
wouldn’t cost your boss millions for harassment

if i never played
point guard i would spend all of my days
procuring financial aid and pork for my state
Tony, if I were on Capitol Hill

the CBA might still be a league
I could be the GOP nominee
If my handle and jump shot weren’t on fleek

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eaneumay in los angeles, ca
absolutely spectacular. Hopefully that makes the air, i love the one off reference songs like this, similar to the lady asking tony to stand in the rain so her bike wouldnt get wet. brilliant as always
269 days ago.
Scott in Columbia, MD
That third stanza is jingling at its best.
276 days ago.
Jerry in Annandale, VA
Digging out notes from the vault? This is great!
285 days ago.

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