Tony's Boy (Lonely Boy)


A parody of a song by Andrew Gold.  A Collaboration by Bill Barto in Columbus, OH & joeythejammer in Ellicott City, MD
Recorded: 10/17/2016  Released: 10/18/2016  First aired: unaired
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Thanks as always to Joe for the great vocal!

He was born on a sunny day, 1986
Played golf with dad all his life
Now pros they call him a stick
He’s cooking and smoking on
The family grill
He teaches what he’s learned
Golf and English that he’s learned
They paid lots of tuition
To Ivy League schools
Now he’s CEO of TK
While the old man drools
Oh, Michael is Tony’s boy
Their enemies they’ll destroy
Michael is Tony’s boy

A parody of “Lonely Boy” by Andrew Gold

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Anita in Alaska in Anchorage,AK
Great lyrics and singing. And for such a nice boy.
303 days ago.
Jerry in Annandale, VA
Great job, guys! When you've got lyrics for Paul Anka, give me a shout. :)
303 days ago.

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