Yer Show Stinks


A parody of a song by Tom Petty.  A Collaboration by Bill Barto in Columbus, OH & mrlip in Springfield, VA
Recorded: 08/06/2016  Released: 08/07/2016  First aired: unaired
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Tone got a puppy, hasn’t been lucky
Walks her tries not to get hurt
Deer in the backyard, dead birds and squirrel wars
I can’t decide which is worse
Then Mister Tony rants on all this baloney
Oh yer show stinks, that’s what the Littles think
Makes us want some drinks, ‘cause yer show stinks

A parody of “Yer So Bad” by Tom Petty and Jeff Lynne

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Bill Barto in Columbus, OH
Thanks for putting it together Steve, it really stinks
375 days ago.
mrlip in Springfield, VA
Great job Bill and special thanks to Joe Aro send this idea to me along with the backing track.
375 days ago.

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