Holding out for Agent Zero (Bonnie Tyler)


A parody of a song by Bonnie Tyler.  Recorded by robert berg in Pittsburgh, PA
Recorded: 06/23/2016  Released: 06/24/2016  First aired: 06/27/2016
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IF we're extremely lucky, Michelle Negrelli will have time to record this and I will post her version and take mine down. But Jerry said she probably won't, so I knocked out a version before leaving for Liver. Last jingle of the "radio era" for me. Probably.

Even Cleveland has a ring
What’s left here in DC?
The Caps are still are such choking dogs
Ovie can’t beat Sid Crosby
Les Bullet just hired
Scott Brooks to coach the team
As sure as Michael will regret this podcast
Bradley Beal will shred a knee
Where’s Agent Zero?
We NEED an Agent Zero birthday party tonight
It’s gotta have swag?And an ice sculpture of
The Nacho getting into a fight
Where’s Agent Zero?
We all need Agent Zero to make things right
He’ll cut up your clothes
and lick all the doughnuts
But he’ll never act too contrite
This act is his life
If you see a piñata there
You might want to recede
There’s an unsettlingly large chance
you’ll end up covered in feces
The Hibachi’s a jokester
What is his limit? Who knows?
Once a teammate was reading on the toilet 
Gil sprayed him with a water hose
Where’s Agent Zero?
We NEED an Agent Zero birthday party tonight
It’ll be tons of fun
There will surely be guns
But if Crittenton shows up,
Take flight
Run for your life

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Kj Ohnstad in Red Wing, MN
Awesome! Also one of my favorite cheesy 80's songs :)
400 days ago.
jessegm in Ann Arbor, MI
This is fantastic! Great references to all of Gilbert Arenas's antics during his time with the Wizards!
413 days ago.
EmmetGM in Boston,MA
I just heard this jingle on Monday's show. This was epic! Fantastic job.
413 days ago.