Roast Carville (Solsbury Hill)


A parody of a song by Peter Gabriel.  Recorded by mrlip in Springfield, VA
Recorded: 05/17/2016  Released: 05/17/2016  First aired: unaired
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I get the feeling Mr. Tony is ultimately not gonna get up the nerve talk about James. He's just gonna talk about it constantly on the radio until the roast passes and then he's gonna talk about how he SHOULD have spoken. Cause he remembers what he almost says.

Climbing up to roast Carville
Mr. Tony’s all affright
Great comedians on the bill 
Of bombing Satchmo’s terrified
He’ll be something to observe
Ferrara’s jokes through Tony’s voice
Much too nervous to eat hors d'oeuvres
Has to go on has no choice
Why must you spout disinclination
Matt Wiener soon’ll be threatening your castration
Your heart going boom boom boom
"Tone," he said "Make your speech,
And then you can go home."
Yeah back home
Or over to the Palm
Michael meet him at the Palm

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Kj Ohnstad in Red Wing, MN
Echoing all the comments. This is super!
423 days ago.
Luke Overbey in Charleston, SC
426 days ago.
Jerry in Annandale, VA
This is great! Heading into the prodcast setlist right now
428 days ago.
robert berg in Pittsburgh, PA
i'm with chad. and the vocals sound SO good too!
431 days ago.
Jason Fuse in Los Angeles
I agree completely. "...he remembers what he almost says" - Your intro paragraph is hereby considered exemplary with the orange seal of approval. This song sounds great too.
434 days ago.
Love the song, love the lyrics!
435 days ago.
joeythejammer in Ellicott City, MD
Hilarious!!! Love this song too.
435 days ago.

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