Gretchen Wu Mail (Makin' Whoopee)


A parody of a song by Michelle Pfeiffer.  A Collaboration by Bill Barto in Columbus, OH & joeythejammer in Ellicott City, MD
Recorded: 12/31/2015  Released: 12/31/2015  First aired: unaired
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Another fax
Another note
He’s gonna read ‘em
For you folks
Another reason
Another season
Of Gretchen Wu mail

From Charlie Ng
Bill Isaacson
Another jingle
Don’t stop at one
You know he’ll read it
You know you need it
It’s Gretchen Wu mail

A parody of “Makin’ Whoopee” by Gus Kahn and Walter Donaldson

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Kj Ohnstad in Red Wing, MN
Wonderful. Great lyrics, great vocals. Barto and Aro back in 2016!
584 days ago.
judofuse in Atlanta
Funny idea, and Joe absolutely crushing this vocal.
590 days ago.
mrlip in Springfield, VA
Classic song, classic email/faxes/notes mention, classic vocal. In short, an instant classic. Great job everyone.
595 days ago.
Bill I in Washington DC
Glad to know that there are at least two fabulous musicians in Columbus Ohio along with the vocalist from Ellicott City.
596 days ago.
Bill Barto in Columbus, OH
Thanks to the Fabulous Joe Aro for the vocal!
598 days ago.

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