What'd you think? (It's Your Thing)


A parody of a song by Isley Brothers.  Recorded by Kj Ohnstad in Red Wing, MN
Recorded: 11/22/2015  Released: 11/23/2015  First aired: unaired
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My apologies to Joe Aro who just wrapped a lovely song for his Redskins.

What'd you think, you were playing Ryan's D?
5 Turnovers won't even beat that team.
What'd you think, you were gonna stop Cam?
Tone can tell ya, the guy is Superman!

Fumble, sack, fumble - what will Liz say?
Captain Kirk's best pass, complete to Coach Jay.
I'm boiling eggs, what a dirty shame. Fox was so disgusted, pulled it for the Cowboys game.

What'd you think, The Panthers would lose?
I coulda told you- they'd sock it to you
Redskins stink!
Don't let last week fool ya now.
I can tackle better than these dudes!

*A parody of "It's Your Thing" by the Isley Brothers

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judofuse in Atlanta
You can sing anything and make it work. I really enjoy the fumble-sack-fumble phrasing too.
623 days ago.
Brad Weiss in Williamsburg, VA
The Superman line KILLS. Such a great song and so well done!
626 days ago.
Anita from Alaska
You've still got it! Even at your age.
631 days ago.
mrlip in Springfield, VA
Super sweet job KJ-Aretha next!
631 days ago.

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