Wearing Jeans (Billie Jean)


A parody of a song by Michael Jackson.  Recorded by mrlip in Springfield, VA
Recorded: 09/18/2015  Released: 09/18/2015  First aired: unaired
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The quick recap: Tony wants to wear blue jeans to his high school reunion, Jeanne and Gary tell him that's a bad idea, Tony says he already bought a pair at Sacks, had them altered and a quick internet search uncovers the fact that they cost over $400. Tony also opines how great it would be to show up to the reunion with Courtney on his arm.

Jingle heaven.

For a couple days and a couple nights
Tony’s reunion in New York and he's got plans
(For his pants. Dungarees. By Jordache)

So take Jeanne’s strong advice, just remember you ought to think twice
(And pack a pair of slacks.)

People always told you be careful of what you wear
You might look lumpy, fat and old too
But Chauncey stood right by ya
And he altered them for you
How did you misconstrue?
They cost $452

Wearing jeans is not for Tony
He’s just a guy who wants to look forty one
But he’s a septuagenarian
He wants to look forty one
But he’s a septuagenarian

Wearing jeans is not for Tony
Wearing jeans is not for Tony
Wearing jeans is not for Tony

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Jerry in Annandale, VA
I think this epitomizes the quick turn, topical tunes. Especially loved the performance on the verse
673 days ago.
judofuse in Atlanta
Very funny stuff.
674 days ago.
Kj Ohnstad in Red Wing, MN
So funny! He's a septugenarian is so great. I've had this one on my list for a long time but it never got further than that. I think I was holding out for this :)
677 days ago.

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