Intergalactic Howard Fineman (Cover Version)


A parody of a song by Beastie Boys.  Recorded by Luke Overbey in Charleston, SC
Recorded: 08/14/2015  Released: 08/21/2015  First aired: unaired
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This is unsolicited but wanted to get in on the cover action just because it sounded like fun, and what else am I gonna do while the show is still off air? Obviously not even close to the original by judofuse ( but it was enjoyable to make. I would have probably worked on it a little more but my computer broke, so here you go.

[Intergalactic Howard Fineman]
[Howard Fineman Intergalactic]

He's the Transglobal Emperor of the Huffington Post
Arianna is boss but he's Political Pope
On anything governmental he's so dope
If you wanna really see him you need a telescope

And I when I say telescope, I mean Hubble
Presidents: he's interviewed more than a couple
Like a policy bias he'll burst your bubble
You step to him you'll be in trouble

On big time shows he's been a panelist
Honored by the Society of Pro Journalists
But much more important than all of this
He's the father of celebrity intern Nick

His progeny knows civics better than you son
He even knows who's gonna win the next election
Ask him for knowledge, he'll drop a metric ton
He's Intergalactic Howard Fineman

[Political mensch yeah]
[Intergalactic Howard Fineman]
[Howard Fineman Intergalactic]
[Political mensch]

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rob in Pittsburgh, PA
oh yeah...the remixed beat is working!
728 days ago.
judofuse in Atlanta
Cool! I'm really diggin the remixed beat on this. Your computer must have just passed out from all the awesome beat drops. Looking forward to some more Beastie collaborations this Fall. :)
729 days ago.

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