Tony Called In (London Calling)


A parody of a song by The Clash.  Recorded by Jason Fuse in Los Angeles
Recorded: 08/19/2015  Released: 08/20/2015  First aired: unaired
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For the Tony interview episode of the TK Jingles Prodcast. Exhibit Number "A" on why I shouldn't do accents.

Tony called in - He's on this prodcast now
Is there a sex tape involved?! That's gotta be how.
Tony called in - He's really on the show!
When Jerry thought he'd botched it, his blood almost froze
Tony called in - Is he really just bored?
Tired of golfing, and browsing the bookstore?
Tony called in - Wait, was that really him?
Nigel can do American impressions I hear

The new season is coming
Summer is at an end
Meltdowns expected
About the Nats and Williams
Epic rants building
About Trump and Chuck Bell
But if you want Tony's opinions, well
You'll have to tune-in in September

Parody of "London Calling" by The Clash

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judofuse in Atlanta
I never thought I would be doing Joe Strummer, but that Cadillac idea is good.
699 days ago.
rob in Pittsburgh, PA
this was on my list but i couldn't find any material, luckily. your voice is perfect for the clash. brand new cadillac next? jim coleman, etc. you would kill it.
702 days ago.

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