Return of the Satch (Return of the Mack)


A parody of a song by Mark Morrison.  Recorded by robert berg in Pittsburgh, PA
Recorded: 06/07/2015  Released: 06/07/2015  First aired: unaired
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Well he’s worked 200 days (yes, he did)
and it’s time to go away
A lot of wretched golf to play (fore!)
at his Rehobeth Beach chalet
it was a profitable year
For fury angst and fear
Killed the podcast delay
And survived ebola strains

(He’s leaving soon) Will Nigel give that best man speech?
(He’s leaving soon) just don’t get eaten by a bear
(He’s leaving soon) Tony said he’d cover you that week
(He’s leaving soon) what this means in unclear, see you for the

(Return of the Satch) with Super G
(Return of the Satch) and David’s gripes
(Return of the Satch) Jeannie’s laugh
(and We hope he’s coming back) to crush his enemies
(Return of the Satch) are Torie’s kids
(Return of the Satch) mere figments
(Return of the Satch) will Boogie Cillizza’s ankle ever heal?

this year we’ve learned several things (yes we have)
information for life flowing
craft service is mostly swill
don’t let your roommates serve you milk
never use a Yiddish word
that you yourself have never heard
Don’t fall asleep on Kim Jong Un
Get Blasted by anti-aircraft guns

(He’s leaving soon) let’s pour one out for Roy Battle
(He’s leaving soon) the official house band
(He’s leaving soon) can Courtney and the monkey beat
Jaws this upcoming season once again I hope we’ll see with the

(Return of the Satch) will Howard’s esprit
(Return of the Satch) earn him more degrees
(Return of the Satch) will Under Armour at last
Sponsor Kevin’s winter weather forecast
(Return of the Satch) will Liz show disdain
(Return of the Satch) for Tony’s 1% pain
(Return of the Satch) I think littles concur
(that we hope he’s coming back) in September

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rob in Pittsburgh, PA
I agree on the R&B, J. my "cassette" collection had almost no white artists in it until 1991 (when I discovered The Cure), and I've been thinking about mining some of that material for more jingles.
799 days ago.
judofuse in Atlanta
The amount of good writing in this is staggering. Love the increase of R&B/Hip-hop lately.
799 days ago.

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