Deflate feat. Judofuse


A parody of a song by Warren G & Nate Dogg.  A Collaboration by Luke Overbey in Charleston, SC & Jason Fuse in Los Angeles
Recorded: 06/02/2015  Released: 06/03/2015  First aired: unaired
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A parody of Warren G & Nate Dogg's "Regulate." Thanks to judofuse for collaborating in this. The woman to whom I am related by marriage called me a third grader after hearing this. But she participated on the "Tony Got Crackers" song with me. I don't know what this means about this one.

We deflate Tom Brady’s balls and we’re real good too
But you can’t be any geek off the street
Gotta be handy with the pump if you know what I mean, earn your keep
Deflators!!! Balls up!

It was a cold, cold day, the game starts soon
And Tommy B’s balls were inflated like balloons
He couldn’t get the grip, I saw him throw a duck
To be honest what I saw from Tommy B really sucked

Just hit the big game for the AFC
On a mission trying to help Mr. Tommy B
Seen a sack full of balls that needed a tweak
All the balls I had to drop below 12.3

So I texted Tom, and he said, “Let’s do it”
I grabbed Tommy’s balls while the ref was straight clueless
They didn’t feel right, so I grabbed the pump
Tommy’s balls would be half the size of Andrew Luck’s

My bathroom trips they tryin' to observe
They been lookin’ so hard, it’s a bit absurd
PSI is not precision, strength, intelligence
Even the NFL’s tweets seem to be trolling us

Now Ted Wells got my phone, I think we’re going down
I can’t believe the media has sent the hounds
The pressure’s sky high, their gonna regulate
Goodell’s gonna make my homey Tommy B pay

Four games he’s been hit and that’s for real
Goodell's personally gonna hear the appeal
Tommy’s fighting back but it’s a tad bit late
Both his balls and legacy will surely deflate

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Kj in MN in St. Paul, MN
Classic high school tune for me! You guys KILT it!
800 days ago.
rob in Pittsburgh, PA
we don't have enough hip-hop on here. I'm gonna get to work on something. you continue to be a beacon on this, Luke. keep it 100, sir.
805 days ago.
judofuse in Atlanta
Loved working on this one, so count me in with the 3rd graders. :)
805 days ago.
This is glorious
806 days ago.

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