Hot Dog Seller (Hotstepper)


A parody of a song by Ini Kamoze.  Recorded by Jason Fuse in Los Angeles
Recorded: 05/27/2015  Released: 05/27/2015  First aired: unaired
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Because Andy Greenwald needs songs, and Tony kept calling him the hot dog clerk. Plus, why not keep this 80s and 90s one hit wonder train rolling.

An an an an... Andy

Here come the hot dog seller (Greenwald)
He's a writer for the Grantland, (Greenwald)
Even though I don't know him (Greenwald)
He is his own brand (Greenwald)

No, no pressure implied
Don't over-intellectualize
"Am I talking too much Andy?"
Don't answer that.
Now if you don't mind
We'll talk again sometime
About whatever I feel like
(Catch-up on that!)

Here come the hot dog seller (Greenwald)
He's a writer for the Grantland (Greenwald)
But who knows about the next week (Greenwald)
"What happened to Sal?" (Greenwald)

Hey Andy, Andy Andy
(I relish the chance to talk to you again man.)

Parody of "Here Comes the Hotstepper" by Ini Kamoze

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joeythejammer in Ellicott City, MD
WOW! I NEVER expected to hear this song as a jingle, and you ROCKED it!! BTW, loved your segment with Jerry. I was laughing the whole way....Great stuff man!!!
754 days ago.
Brad Weiss in Williamsburg, VA
Certainly cuts the mustard!
754 days ago.
Kj in MN in St. Paul, MN
Well, I'm happy you attempted this one! And judging from the Twitterverse, so is Andy Greenwald!
755 days ago.
judofuse in Atlanta
Thanks! I'm jack of many genres, master of none. (More like I'm willing to attempt/fail at all of them.)
755 days ago.
Luke Overbey in Charleston, SC
Love this one! Agree on rob's comment about the genres. Somehow, you've gone from Bruce Springsteen to the Beastie Boys to Harry Nilsson to Cake to Ini Kamoze.
756 days ago.
rob in Pittsburgh, PA
BOOM! nice work, sir. love seeing you move your way through genres.
756 days ago.

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