Being for the Benefit of TK Round 2


A parody of a song by The Beatles.  Recorded by Patrick Moffett in Sacramento, CA
Recorded: 11/03/2013  Released: 11/05/2013  First aired: 11/08/2013
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For the benefit of Mr. K
The littles send in schwag each day to Rockville Pike
The Sheehan boys will arrive
When snow prevents Tony’s drive to PTI
In times of need the bald man barters
Signed hats for golf balls left out on the course.
In this way TK has fooled world!
The Celebrated Mr. K
performs his show every day on Channel 8
Weddings, Parties, he will not come
But an invite to the Clark home, would be great
If you see a sticker on the road make sure
You give the Mr. Tony salute.
And now its time for emails faxes and notes!

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Doug Near Chicago
Fabulous. Come one, where's the love, littles?
1354 days ago.
chipster61 in Jackson, MO
Awesome production and lyrics!
1379 days ago.