Gimme Some Mailbag (Spinal Tap Feat. Jason Fuse and John Neiswinger)


A parody of a song by Spinal Tap.  A Collaboration by Patrick Moffett in Sacramento, CA, Jason Fuse in Los Angeles & Swingmonalisa in Bel Air, MD
Recorded: 05/12/2015  Released: 05/12/2015  First aired: 03/23/2017
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We went back to the roots a bit on this one. Thanks to Jason Fuse and John Neiswinger doing all of the drums, bass, guitar, organ, piano, harmonies and mixing on this one.


It’s the end of the show
So gimme some Shad,
Or Mike from Burke
Or Kj and Brad
Do we have to come right flat out and sing you everything
Gimme some Mailbag!
Gimme some Mailbag!

We need a Haiku
Or Steenbergen’s Cat
Josh Cromwell’s Old School
and Andy Polley’s still rad
Don’t hesitate to send all your emails, notes, and faxes
Gimme some Mailbag!
Gimme some Mailbag!

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Brad Weiss in Williamsburg, VA
So a drummer WAS killed in the making of this one! Thanks!
152 days ago.
mrlip in Springfield, VA
It think it would sound better if it were mixed in Doubly!
832 days ago.
Patrick Moffett in Sacramento, CA
John Stumpy Pepys was briefly revived and able to recover from his bizarre gardening accident. Unfortunately the moment Jason nailed his last strum of the guitar solo, he snapped te low e string and the recoil swung wildly, severing poor Pepys head....Stumpy indeed
832 days ago.
Brad Weiss in Carrboro, NC
It's a fine line between epic and disastrous. This one is on the right side of that line. I assume no drummers were killed in the making of this jingle?
832 days ago.
judofuse in Atlanta
Patrick nailed that Nigel line. The movie references contained in these comments and Jerry's tweet - I give them all 11/10 stars.
832 days ago.
John Fitzpatrick in Arlington, VA
It's like, how much more great could this be? And the answer is....none. None more great.
832 days ago.
Kj in MN in St. Paul, MN
Brilliant. And as John says, see you at 11:51! This is the #1 hit Smell The Glove never had.
832 days ago.
John Neiswinger in Bel Air, MD
The "Go Nigel, Go!" just fit so perfectly to use for Tony's show, I couldn't resist either.
832 days ago.
judofuse in Atlanta
You had me at Spinal Tap... Was great fun to work on this one.
832 days ago.
John Fitzpatrick in Arlington, VA
Awesome enough to bring John "Stumpy" Pepys back from that great garden in the sky! Holy cow this is good. Bravo all around.
833 days ago.