Hall of Fame (Band of Gold) - Lyrics by John Fitzpatrick


A parody of a song by Freda Payne.  A Collaboration by Kj Ohnstad in Red Wing, MN & John Fitzpatrick in Arlington, VA
Recorded: 04/22/2015  Released: 04/23/2015  First aired: 04/27/2015
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John Fitzpatrick's hilarious response to Mr. Tony's announcement on Monday's show that he should be elected to the DC Sports Hall of Fame. While he may never get that, at least he'll always have this song.
Thanks for letting me sing this gem, John!

You’re so far gone, you want to be in the hall of fame
You say that out loud with no hint of shame
DCs hall of fame’s full of memories of what fame should be
Putting you in would be a travesty
Big John, Gary Williams and Tom Boswell
Richie Petitbon Hey there’s the Adm’ral!
We cheer as they’re taking bows, they all did really famous things
Hung banners and won fancy rings
You wish you could join their ranks, yeah, you presume
You know what happens when you assume?
Columnettes, and Uranus jokes, you prefer
And then wonder where’s your Pulitzer?
You prattle on, “Please put me in the hall of fame”
All you want is still more acclaim
The sports hall of fame for the typing that was your big skill
Just like golf with Kim, Kim Jong-Il

*A parody of "Band of Gold by Freda Payne

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John Neiswinger in Bel Air, MD
Bravo on thus you two! There's more bite to these words than Jaws.
842 days ago.
joeythejammer in Ellicott City, MD
Just listened LIVE!! Great stuff folks!!
842 days ago.
Hampton Nager in Dallas, TX
I don't recognize the source material, I'm afraid; but it's lovely , guys. They'l really liked it, too!
842 days ago.
Carroll Connelley in Stafford, VA
844 days ago.
judofuse in Atlanta
Excellent rhymes and some amazing notes in this one.
845 days ago.
Sean Morrissey in Frederick,MD
845 days ago.
John Fitzpatrick in Arlington, VA
From the instant I hear "hall of fame = band of gold" I could hear Kjerstin grooving through this 1970 classic. And Kjerstin Kjilled it! Kjilt it! Cj-I-L-L-ed it! Such a great performance!
845 days ago.
Brad Weiss in Carrboro, NC
Is there a Penguin Dancing wing in the DC HoF? If so, first ballot. Ok, maybe not first ballot, but he' a lock.
845 days ago.