My Bocce's Back (Alternate Universe Remix)


  A Collaboration by Jason Fuse in Los Angeles & calvinkrogman in Watertown, SD
Recorded: 04/22/2015  Released: 04/22/2015  First aired: unaired
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I saw this on the ideas page from Calvin Krogman in Vermillion, SD today and I had some time this afternoon so I figured why not try something a little out there. I decided to use most of his lyrics and rearrange the song in a very different musical direction since the original is really meant for a female singer. The suggestion is still up if someone wants to do a more traditional version of this song.

It rolled out on the ground
Scattered bunnies all around
Well, I've been sent many a ball
Alas, none felt right at all

My bocce's back and it's time for lawn bowling
Hey-Mike, Hey-Liz, my bocce's back
Tell Michael to start grilling
Hey-Mike, Hey-Liz, my bocce's back

They found it with a wooden rake
Thank goodness I didn't have to exfoliate
Hey Nigel don't you think that's great
Now these songs will never dissipate

Lyrics a parody of "My Boyfriend's Back" and set to original music.

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Kj in MN in St. Paul, MN
This is way too good!
842 days ago.
Anonymous Little
Posted just in time to make the podcast. Great!
848 days ago.
calvinkrogman in Vermillion, SD
I gotta say, that is WAY different than the original, but I really like it! It's an honor to have had any part in it!
848 days ago.

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