Faith In Flying

Recorded by Gavin Stannard in NW Washington DC
Released: 03/14/2017  First aired: unaired
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burning bodies with dismembered head and feet
these are the visions that come to me while in my seat now
i hope this airplane is sound
have faith have faith that our pilot gets us safe up and down

statistically this airplane is safer than my car back in town
but I'd rather be behind a wheel where tires roll on the ground

I close my eyes cause sweat is rolling down my cheeks
I got my pills and maybe I should have that drink now
please let us get off the ground
have faith have faith relax and stop thinking so loud

that baby's crying what do you think he knows
he sees the future he knows that we're gonna go down

whistling interlude


my ears are popping I want to be so brave
are we descending to earth or to a fiery grave now
was that our wheels touching down?
not scared not scared just me just fooling around

not thinking so loud
back safe on the ground

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