C.A.D - Yeah You Know Sheehan


A parody of a song by Naughty by Nature.  Recorded by Jason Fuse in Los Angeles
Recorded: 02/11/2015  Released: 02/11/2015  First aired: unaired
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I got this idea last month when they spent several "news" segments in a row talking mainly about CAD (Cold Air Damming) and Kevin kept pulling out more and more acronyms. Took me a while to get around to finishing it up.

With apologies to everyone associated with The Jackson 5, Naughty by Nature, and weather forecasting,..

(Equip me with precip)
(Kev, drop a storm on 'em)

C.A.D. How can I explain it?
You can't just blame the rain for it
But Kev's got all the littles shoutin', sayin' it
C if for cold, A is for air
Hmm, makes you wonder
And then the D brings the thunder
It's sorta like, you know, what a beaver builds upon a river
It's 5 times bigger than a clipper
You get it on occasion when a dome of cold air gets trapped in
Yeah, that's how it happens.
Have you ever had a negative NAO
The NAMM and the GFS are the models that will tell you so
You get home to a PNA so positive
And then you're looking at an inconvenient ice event
A warm front, F to the R to the O to the N to the T
It's just that liquid precip (Oh, that's what's so scary)
It's C.A.D, when warm meets cold is when you get it.
It's now time to buy a scarf, no time to knit it.
How many colleagues out there know just what this indicates
It could be nothing, or Greg Oden could accumulate
You know the 20015 is what I'm talking at
And if you live there, here's your forecast...

You down with C.A.D ? (yeah, you know Sheehan)
Who's down with C.A.D ? (every last colleague) (all the colleagues)

Parody of "O.P.P" - Naughty by Nature... which is based on "ABC" - The Jackson 5

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Anonymous Little
Cool, I was also in high school when this came out. I never even noticed the "model" part lining up like that, haha... I can't take credit for that one.
874 days ago.
Kj in MN in St. Paul, MN
All of your songs take me back to my high school days. We must be about the same age. Another awesome one, judofuse. The moaning in the background goes perfectly with your mention of the models :)
874 days ago.
jarad2112 in Washington, DC
Judofuse, awesome job with the rap songs!
891 days ago.
judofuse in Atlanta
I've had friends say I should check them out. I remember laughing at the promos for their HBO show a while back, but never saw it as I didn't have HBO. I'll look them up. Thanks!
892 days ago.
John Fitzpatrick in Arlington, VA
Forget Naughty By Nature or the J5, you're in serious Flight of the Conchords territory. And I mean that in the best possible way. Professional-level goodness here. Wow
893 days ago.
judofuse in Atlanta
I wish I had seen your lyrics first. I woulda attempted it instead of looking up weather terms on wikipedia. I also want to apologize to actual rappers for this.
894 days ago.
Byron in Philadelphia, PA
Nice work outta you - could have used your talents in Feb of 2014! http://tkjingl.es/idea.aspx?ID=59
894 days ago.