Wild Thing


A parody of a song by Tone Loc.  Recorded by Luke Overbey in Charleston, SC
Recorded: 12/09/2014  Released: 12/09/2014  First aired: unaired
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Let's do it

Workin' all week, 9 to 5 for my money
So when the weekend comes I like to golf with my buddies
I stepped up to the tee box, holding my driver like it's a wand
Then I took a swing and here's the thing, it went straight into the pond
My buddy was like, "Hey man, let's see who can get more balls!"
So I waded into Lake Panic, what could possibly go wrong?
I reached into the water then I saw beady eyes staring at me
I saw it's teeth and now I'm deceased, turns out it was a wild thing

Wild thing
Don't mess with the wild things
Wild thing

Hiking in the woods, enjoying some nice fresh air
My friend named Steve and I caught sight of a really big black bear
I said, "Hey look at that" as it started walking quicker
We both said "Woah" and I took out my phone and started snapping pictures
As it was getting closer I realized it looked really pissed though
I decided to 'get big' so I stood up on my tiptoes
That didn't seem to work, so we both decided to flee
Turns out that Steve is faster than me and I was eaten by for a wild thing

Wild thing
And Kevin Sheehan started laughing
Wild thing

Hanging at the zoo, with a chimp that was a little spunky
I said "I was once a chimp like you" but I grew up into a monkey
I gave a little advice on what it means to be a rhesus
Just wear a suit, so people think your cute and then pelt them with some feces
Just then a guy walks by, it was my main man Nigel
He asked me for my NFL picks and you know I'm gonna oblige him
He said "As far as picks go, Reg, you are the king"
I said, "Tell Jaws, you might think that you're hot, but you're losing to a wild thing"

Wild thing
Reginald is a wild thing
Wild thing
But the monkey's beating Jaws
Lay the points against the Redskins

A parody of "Wild Thing" by Tone Loc

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